Help the villagers of Dhye,

Victims of global warming.

For the past few years, the village of Dhye in Upper Mustang (Nepal) has faced a terrible drought. Almost half of their fields are no longer irrigable and therefore prove unusable in this high desert.

Over the last ten years the inhabitants of the village have decided to collectively take charge of their destinies. They will move the village to a lower, more favourable site. With the help of a group in Normandy called “From Bessin to Nepal”, they have already planted apple trees which should allow them to keep the youngsters in the village.

The societies “Reunion – Nepal” and ARPEC got together to make the exhibition “Himalayas, stories of waters” whose profits were donated to the group “From Bessin to Nepal” which manages the aid to the villagers. It has gone to helping in the construction of a two-class school, which is necessary for the survival of the future village.

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