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The film

The film “Himalayan Whispers, Secrets of the water”

The DVD was selected for the 3rd edition of the International Meetings on Water and Cinema Meetings at the 6th World Water Forum in Marseilles in March 2012.


This 52-minute documentary is intended for all audiences. It was created during numerous stays in Nepal, Sikkim, India, Ladakh and Tibet.

It is not an investigative work or a scientific report. It is an aesthetic, poetic and philosophical stroll along the water, guided by the voice of the Himalayan rivers.

In this tale, the decision to give water a voice helps the viewer become more sensitive to the needs of the environment.

But this is not a satire about human stupidity. It’s a mother’s kindly words to her rowdy offspring.

In the majestic setting of the Himalayas, men bear witness to the richness of the links that connect us to Water; from the simple pleasures of everyday life to the most esoteric or metaphysical speculations.

This tale is also a hymn to life, to humans and our imagination, to our perpetual quest for meaning and our thirst for beauty. It aims to enrich our experience of our most precious life-giving treasure: WATER.